How to Use and Apply

IMPORTANT: DGL is an ALL FAST RELEASE fertilizer unlike most mass market brands which are SLOW release.  Slow release fertilizers release slowly over time and are great for long term greening and maintenance. However there do come times when an extra PUNCH of nitrogen is either needed or desired.  DGL (once watered in) will quickly release and give you a PUSH of growth and dark greening. Water the turf every days for 3 days after application and you should notice the change in 5-9 days.

It can applied to ANYTHING growing, all lawns, plants, gardens and more.

The “standard” bag application rate is one bag per 5000 sq ft of turf. However, most should do their first application at 6000- 7000 sq ft and see if the results are the desired levels.

DGL should not be applied during extreme heat and drought conditions which is the same warning for ALL fertilizers.