Dark Green Lawn

A Simple Concept for a Dark Green Lawn

DGL fertilizer bag

A 2024 New Release for lawns, gardens, and specialty turf. 25-0-0 plus 6% Iron. Professional sized tiny granules, all fast release nitrogen for a fast green-up.

dgl dark green lawn fertilizer

Development –

Doc worked with The Andersons to develop the new DGL (DARK GREEN LAWN) fertilizer. It was almost impossible to find a TINY SIZED particle fertilizer that was ALL fast release and only contained the main to factors in making a lawn LUSH and dark green.  Being ALL FAST RELEASE nitrogen gives the lawn owner total control of when its delivered to the plant.  Slow release fertilizers are great, but often we want a FAST delivery. One bag can cover 5000 – 7000 square feet depending on the lawn nutrient need.

Solving Problems –

Often plants / lawns suffer from weak growth, weak color, and yellowing (Chlorosis) from issues such as improper PH, lack of iron, excess or lack of Phosphorus, or several other problems that can take a LONG time to correct. These conditions often limit the amount of nitrogen and iron that is available for the plant. While you correct these problems, use DGL to help the growth and color of the lawn. 

Extra Green “PUNCH”- SUPPLEMENT Your Fert

After carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, nitrogen (N) is the most abundant element in plant tissues and is involved in many important chemical processes in plants. Most notable among these is the formation of proteins that are essential for normal growth and the production of leaves, stems, roots. Turf grown with sufficient nitrogen is often dark green.   From time to time, rather than adding a “balanced fertilizer”, a simple SHOT of nitrogen is all the turf / lawn needs to grow lush and dark green.  You can add DGL to any lawn fertilizer program at a LIGHT RATE and see great results in 5-10 days.

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